It's time for conservatives and moderate liberals to take the language of COVID from the Left
Conservatives and classical liberals must make sure these people never get power again
Leftists are losing their minds over Senators Manchin and Sinema because they aren't helping them destroy the Senate for their political gain
The SCOTUS ruling didn't go far enough to stop employers from forcing medical procedures on employees
They're more concerned about making sure they never lose another election than the average person's problems
Start by acknowledging biological sex is more important than gender identity to protect female sports and spaces
The only people she wants to register to vote are new Democrats
She can't stop making bad tweets and insulting historical references
The Left could make it impossible for conservatives to use traditional media and social networks
Last year's nationwide outrage in school board meetings set a great example of how to fight back against the Left
Ocean pollution from pointless mask mandates should make climate activists outraged
The party that brags about it's tolerance doesn't practice what they preach when it comes to diverse and differing viewpoints