It's much easier to score political points by attacking Republicans than by solving a real problem
You are the one who is out of touch if you think Republicans are racist, sexist, and anti-Muslim
Woke CEO's made a smart move by keeping their companies out of this toxic issue
Biden decided to go with another person who won't give honest answers to struggling Americans
Left-wing arguments and issues collapse if they get rid of biological sex differences
It looks like they think North Carolina is a more oppressive place than the United Arab Emirates
It's normal to feel baffled about how race has become one of the most important things about a person
His social media return would make the 2022 elections about him and not the disaster named Joe Biden
Americans shouldn't stand for the left-wing assaults on the Supreme Court
They already pick and choose the laws they want to enforce with no repercussions
The conversation over abortion got more inclusive after the Left told us men can get pregnant
He still has a chance to accomplish one of his biggest goals by not being president